What is Horizons Week?

What is Horizons Week?

Horizons Week is an annual event and an integral part of life at West Island School.  During this time, regular lessons are suspended for five days and all students are expected to participate in activities that are not normally available through the timetabled curriculum.

The focus of the week is to provide students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom through a series of challenges and experiences both locally and overseas. All activities provide one or more of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) as well as chances for students to fulfil the WIS Learner Profile. As such, Horizons Week provides a wide range of options for students to be involved in a variety of activities that offer artistic pursuits, sport, physical activities and community service work. These are all intended to challenge students, provide possibilities for personal growth, promote lifelong learning and foster awareness and appreciation of life outside the classroom. As students move through the school they are expected to participate in all three areas of the school’s CAS programme by taking part in a diverse range of Horizons Week activities.

Horizons Week normally takes place in the second week of November. Each year group is offered a range of activities which fulfils the expectations of the school’s CAS programme.

Year 7 students take part in an Activity based camp at Treasure Island on Lantau. This has been very successful in previous years; students are challenged, experience adventure and form new and long lasting friendships.

Year 8 students will be challenged to get their creative juices flowing as Horizons Week 2015 sees the launch of Year 8 Create.  A smorgasbord of eight different activities is on offer, all of which are truly focused on developing creative thinking and skills.

Year 9 – 13 students will participate in either locally based activities or trips overseas – there are over 25 exciting options to select from.

If you have any queries, please contact our CAS Administrator, Ms Rathi Nandakumar (rathi.nandakumar@wis.edu.hk).