Learning Technologies

West Island School has embraced learning technology as a vital element of student learning. The school sees technology as a valuable learning tool and one which encourages collaborative learning and team work as well as aiding research skills and information literacy skills.

The school provides a curriculum for students to access technology and learn how to use it both practically and ethically through lessons in Years 7 and 8. Students may then choose to take a further programming course in Year 9 and a GCSE in computing. It is also a subject we offer at IB in the Post 16 phase.

In lessons in the school laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other digital devices may be used for learning overseen by the teacher. Technology is used where appropriate and is seen as a powerful tool to learn but not the sole tool.

Laptops for Learning

In Years 7 to 9 students purchase a school laptop through the school with particular software needed for lessons uploaded. Students are expected to charge their laptops daily. Using the same model enables teaching of tools and approaches within lessons to be cohesive and collaborative for students.

The school has an eLearning platform which students can access for courses, individual lessons and through which home learning is set. Parents receive an email daily with home learning tasks set by each teacher through this platform.

From Year 10 students may choose to continue with the school purchased laptop or choose their own model for their remaining time at the school, however, having a laptop continues to be compulsory for students.

The school has a dedicated team of IT specialists who operate a service desk to support all school purchased laptops in school.