The Dynasty System at West Island School
DynastiesThe Dynasty System is similar in format to the House System seen in many other schools. At West Island School the houses are named after Chinese Dynasties to reflect our Hong Kong heritage. Upon arrival, each student will be allocated to a Dynasty. They will remain in the same Dynasty for their entire time at the school. All staff are also affiliated to one of the six Dynasties at West Island.

The six Dynasties are Han, Ming, Qing, Song, Tang and Yuan.

Through the Dynasties we aim to create a ‘family’ spirit and also one of cooperation and competition. It wishes to strengthen and extend the vertical links between students in different areas.

The Dynasty System provides a natural pathway for student leadership. With Dynasty Representatives for each year group there is a Dynasty Committee which takes recommendations and decisions about Dynasty based enrichment events across the school. The Post 16 Student Dynasty Leaders chair this committee. As well as having the leading role within the Dynasty, leaders will be whole school leaders with additional roles such as gathering student voice on all aspects of life at WIS and representing the school during school events and evenings. Leadership opportunities within the Dynasty System consist of the following:

Year 10 – 13: Dynasty Leaders, working in collaboration with the Head Student Team and Mr Harding as Head of Dynasty.

Years 7 -10: Dynasty Representatives