The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport aims to nurture a positive attitude towards exercise and health. Students are encouraged and given every opportunity to find their niche in sport and recreation. It is hoped students will begin a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle incorporating sport and physical exercise. While being physically active is naturally important, the educational potential of the subject is wider than merely the development of physical skills. Ideals such as commitment, integrity, enthusiasm and fairness are promoted in order to help inculcate a positive ethos.

Inter Dynasty Sport

Inter dynasty sport is an important link between the curriculum and inter school sport and offers an opportunity for all WIS students to contribute towards their dynasty through participation as well as developing personal performance. A wide variety of sports tournaments including Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Biathlon and many team games are offered at inter dynasty level.

Sports Activities and WIS Representative Teams

WIS coordinates an extensive co-curricular sports programme throughout the school year. This leads to the organization and coaching of over one hundred teams that represent WIS in competitions in HK (HKSSF, ISSF, ESF) and occasionally overseas. WIS has also developed strong links with several clubs and organizations to further develop elite athletes and provide additional opportunities.

Independent Exercise and Training

Health, fitness and performance cannot be met through curriculum time alone therefore students should set personal goals that require them to take ownership of their fitness and performance. At WIS we encourage all students to use the WIS facilities, surrounding environment and community to participate in regular independent exercise and training.


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