The Medical Room

The Medical Room

West Island School has a full time nurse/school health professional, who is on duty during school hours and is based in the Medical Room on the 4th floor, C Block.

Students who are unwell or who are injured during school hours must see the nurse to obtain permission to leave school, if it is deemed medically necessary. Parents will be informed and students must sign out at reception. All visits to the medical room are recorded.

Student with severe allergies or other conditions requiring emergency medication are advised to provide the school nurse with their spare emergency medication, a letter from your child’s doctor and fill out a Medication Authorization Form. Students with asthma may choose to carry their inhaler with them or keep a spare in the Medical Room. Where possible, daily prescription medication must be taken at home.

Parents are required to update their child’s medical records by logging into the Parent Gateway and inform the school nurse of any changes to their child’s medical condition.

If your child wishes to see a school counselor, appointments can be made through the school nurse or your child’s tutor.


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Medication Authorization Form

Administration of Medication