School Council

More details about the School Council is available on the ESF website located here
School Council meetings for 2019-2020 are –

  • 16 September 2019
  • 25 November 2019
  • 20 January 2020
  • 16 March 2020
  • 1 June 2020
Tim Storey – Chairperson

I have lived in Asia since 1989. Taiwan was my point of arrival in the region. I moved to Hong Kong at the end of 1990 and have resided here ever since. I was Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific Telecom Equity Research at JPMorgan from 2004 – 2010. Prior to that, I held the same position at Goldman Sachs from 1996 – 2004. From 1991 – 1996, I was an equity research analyst at Hoare Govett Asia. I graduated in 1989 with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. I retired in 2010. My time is occupied now managing investments for our family, doing part time financial analysis training and enjoying time with my wife and our son. I am an active sailor and enjoy long distance running.

Adam Hughes – ESF Director of Education

With over 25 years of experience in education sectors in Australia and abroad, Adam Hughes joins ESF in the position of Director of Education. Adam knows what truly drives a positive culture for successful learning and teaching. Adam started his career as classroom teacher, swiftly moving into school leadership roles of Assistant Principal and Principal before further advancing into systems level positions Senior Education Officer, Student Services and Director of Education Services. Adam is passionate about education with a commitment to preparing students as global citizens for the future.
His goal is to ensure the delivery of the ESF Vision for every student to be the best that they can be.

Cynthia Lam – Community Representative

Hong Kong is my home. I was born and brought up here. After obtaining a master’s degree in English, I started working as a teacher. Then I moved into educational publishing — a dream job for me as it allowed me to exercise my creativity as well as apply my teaching experience. Publishing became my lifelong career of over 20 years until I happily retired in 2013. As a Publishing Director for K-12 educational books, I had witnessed lots of changes in teaching and learning styles with the rapid development of technology. While I believe technology has enabled us to learn faster, broader and deeper, I still believe printed books will continue to play a part in our lives. In my spare time, I love reading, especially long stories with lots of twists and turns.

Alice Chow – Community Representative

Alice is Executive Director of Teach Unlimited Foundation since 2015, a charity that serves underprivileged youth in Hong Kong secondary schools. Prior to that she spent her time in finance/private equity since 2000; and before that, she worked as a management consultant and a biotech research scientist. Alice was born and raised in Hong Kong, finished high school here then went on to the US for her bachelor and master degrees. She is married with two children.

Rebecca Priest – Community Representative

After graduating from Cardiff University (UK) in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, I held my first overseas teaching post at a Grammar School in Australia. My passion for Education and Child Psychology blossomed there, and I went on to hold a second teaching post in Tokyo, teaching business and conversational English (TESOL Cert). I moved from teaching into Recruitment Consulting in Education and Finance for both schools (UK) and investment banks (Singapore), leading on to becoming Head of School for Woodlands Pre-School Happy Valley (HK), before starting a family in 2009. Having lived in Asia for almost 15 years, I am very happy to call Hong Kong my home. I have 3 busy boys and am currently studying for my Masters in Counselling. People inspire me… children inspire me… and I strongly believe that our early life experiences and interactions with people and the world are so important in shaping who we are and who we become.

Members elected by the parents of West Island School

Pearl Lee – PTA Chair

Tess Lyons – Parent Representative

A Hong Kong resident since 1997, for the past four years Tess has worked in fundraising for a HK based, Philippines operated charity. Previously the hotels writer for The Hong Kong Standard and PR director for a hotel group; Tess, her husband and four kids are typically found enjoying a curry at the ABC on a Sunday afternoon.

Mike Botelho – Community Representative

I have worked at the University of Hong Kong in the Faculty of Dentistry since 1995 and during that time I have developed a special interest and passion in education, innovation and curriculum reform. Over the years I have established significant education and research themes in: E-Learning, standards based assessments, small-group learning, learning through videos and more recently test enhanced learning and peer teaching. These themes have always focused on the student and their learning at the centre of the “teaching”.

Ex officio Members


Chris Sammons – Principal

I originally worked in Hong Kong as part of the English School’s Foundation between 1996-98 when my first child was born at Prince of Wales hospital. Since that time I have added another two children to my family. Working in a variety of positions, including curriculum and pastoral leadership, I love the challenge of leading my own community of learners. As a second Principal post, West Island School has given me the greatest joy working with deep values inherited from our founders. I remain persistently curious how best to motivate, inspire and teach young people through a team of professional, committed and principled teachers. I enjoy reading, sports, cooking and like nothing more than a long walk or swim in the company of good friends.

West Island School Staff Members

Leigh Dalgarno – Teacher Representative

I am the Head of Creative Arts and Performance at West Island School. I have been a member of the teaching faculty since 2002, and throughout my career I have enjoyed working as a musician, conductor and secondary school music specialist. At West Island School, I and my arts colleagues have created a culture that is inclusive, and challenges students to share the vitality of their identity, ideas and values. I believe that the arts engage our imaginations and help us to assert our uniqueness as individuals. The Creative Arts faculty is a dynamic faculty rich in creativity, inquiry and expression.

Julia Zhu – Teacher Representative

I am originally from Shanghai and have been working in different cities in Asia. I have always enjoyed working here as a teacher and head of department. My daughter graduated from WIS in 2013 and I am very proud of what she achieved and the difference WIS made to her life. I have taught in local and international schools and have a good understanding of students from different cultures. I am a bilingual and enjoy learning languages. I became an IB Educator in 2014 working with schools in the SE Asia region. This has given me a very international perspective on teaching and learning. I enjoy hiking and exploring unusual trails in Hong Kong.

Head Students 2019 – 2020








Anthony Aldcroft – Head Student

I’m Anthony Aldcroft. Like many, since Year 7, I’ve always wanted to be a head student and I’m thankful to say I am finally a part of the head student team. Through these years, I’ve had the opportunity to develop interests and partake in a mix of CAS activities of which include playing Tigers Basketball, co-leading the WIS Interact Club, running the indoor rowing club, street sleepers, swimming and many more. I’m passionate about studying medicine at university to become a doctor. As a head student, I hope to use the best of my abilities to bring innovative and meaningful ideas to the table, helping any way I can while acting as a role model for younger years.

Tai Williams – Head Student

Hi, I’m Tai Williams – I’m a West Island student, and have been since Year 7. I enjoy sports, and have been a part of the athletics team for a few years now, but I’m also involved in the Circle in the Water committee, and even had a brief stint in the ping pong club. I’m also a member of the Hong Kong National Team for Roller Hockey. I’m passionate about the natural sciences – chemistry particularly, and I’d like to study it in the UK after graduating from West Island. I think that I would bring strong analytical skills and a realistic viewpoint to the head student team, and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.




Amanda Nathan – Head Student

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda Nathan. I joined West Island when I was a year seven, and have been part of the Song Dynasty since my arrival. I have participated in a number of CAS actives over the years and have enjoyed everything I’ve tried out. Currently, I’m a student leader for Feeding Hong Kong at WIS and hosted an Inter Dynasty Rice Race where rice was collected to be delivered to people who need it around Hong Kong, I also play volleyball on the school team, and am also the Editor in Chief of our school literary magazine: Ethos. Besides this I also had a leadership position on Thailand Community Service for Horizons week. I hope to work well with the team to make a lasting impact on our school.

Natasha Tait – Head Student

Hi, my name is Natasha Tait (but everyone calls me Tash) I have been at West Island School since Year 7 and have been a part of Tang. Over my time at WIS I have done various CAS activities but am currently participating in The Connections Team, the Circle in the Water Committee and the rugby and tennis teams. In addition to these interests, my main passion is music. This is what I would like to do with my future. I would like to study in the UK and study music at university following my time at WIS. As creativity is a large part of what I enjoy doing, I hope to bring creative ideas to the team and make an impact in our school.