Bad Weather Procedures

In the event of bad weather, the following general arrangements will apply and appropriate public announcements will be made. Please check your school emails and the website for up to the minute information.

Rainstorm Warnings

Rainstorm Warning System Action to be taken
AMBER School will operate as normal
RED OR BLACK (i) Before the start of school All schools will close for the whole day. If the warning is raised at the time your child sets off for school (s)he should stay at home.
(ii) After students have set off for school, but before the commencement of school Schools will accept those students who arrive, and retain them until it is safe to allow them to proceed home.
(iii) When classes are in session Schools continue until the end of normal hours and students are retained until conditions are safe for them to return home.

Tropical Cyclones

Signal Action to be taken
Hoisting of No.1 Signal: All schools will operate as normal
Hoisting of No.3 Signal: All primary and secondary schools will operate as normal, unless advised otherwise.
Hoisting of No.8 Signal or above: All schools will close.
Lowering to No. 1 Signal or lowering of all signals: All schools will resume with the following session.
 Please refrain from calling the school as our lines get blocked and
we are then unable to follow our school procedures

Public Examinations

  • The school cannot cancel a public examination, the Hong Kong Examination Authority will inform us when they make this decision. The school’s examination officer will then communicate this.
  • If the Red Rain signal is hoisted, students and parents should check the school website, their emails and SMS messages to keep updated on the situation. You should assume that the examination is on unless there is an announcement to the contrary or the Typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted
  • If in any doubt about an exam, you are invited to call us