Welcome From the Principal

Strength from Diversity

I have recently joined the West Island School community and I am so excited to be joining a school which is focused on bringing people together and strives to create a diverse and strong community.

I would like to thank Clare Haworth for her time as Interim Principal and for guiding the school so well over the last year. The post-Covid world has not always been easy for anyone, but Clare has led the school forward into a fresh beginning.

West Island School is known for its sporting prowess, and it has been great to see so many students involved in all levels of sporting activities. In addition to this, students have been involved in music, drama, art, creativity, CAS projects, eco week, blood drives etc. I can’t even name all the activities here as there are so many. This is what gives the school its energy and sense of fun.

I have hugely enjoyed the dynasty system in my short time at West Island. This brings a special buzz to the school. I enjoyed a great dynasty assembly with everyone cheering their own dynasty on, along with some great dancing together. 

Parents are a huge part of our community and we would like to thank the PTA for all their commitment to West Island School this year from the school fair to lunches in recognition of teachers – I hope to further build these relationships going forward. 

Vicki Hallatt