Welcome to the West island school Parent Teacher Association (WIS PTA) Limited.

The mission of the West Island School Parent Teacher Association is to contribute towards the community spirit of the school and to the improvements in the educational environment of our students. The PTA seeks to achieve this by promoting co-operation, communication and discussion between parents and teachers on the general welfare of the students and general educational matters.

Please remember all WIS parents are required by ESF to join the WIS PTA.

Our school is committed to working in partnership with parents and the PTA is an integral part of life at West Island School. Parents are elected to the PTA Committee annually and are responsible for representing parents’ interests to West Island School.  WIS PTA Committee members also attend School Council and the ESF Committee of Parents. The PTA Committee comprises 22 members including parents, teachers, administrators, students and the Principal. There are 7 meetings per year and an AGM held in November.

PTA office and shop , Room D305, 250 Victoria Road, Pokfulam , Hong Kong

(+852) 28167222

Email (office):