The Arts

Circle in the Water – Creativity, Activity and Service
Circle in the Water is the name of West Island School’s performance and production teams. Named as a reflection of Hong Kong island as a ‘circle’ in the South China Sea.  Events and activities, led by staff, visiting specialists and/or students encourage everyone to share their energy and special talents with each other.  In keeping with the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate our Creativity, Activity and Service programme offers students a range of theatre and musical productions, dance, music, art, film exhibitions, activities and performance events within the school and Hong Kong community.

Music: Students bands and ensembles, Jazz Band, Sinfonia (Senior Orchestra), Sinfonietta (Junior Orchestra), Amadeus Strings (String Orchestra), WIS Choir, Cantare Choir, Chinese Music Tuition, Bauhinia Ensemble.

Drama: Theatre productions and drama club.

Film: WIS TV and WIS Shorts.

Dance: WIRED Dance Co.

Visual Art: Student exhibitions, art workshops.

Through these activities West Island School students develop greater awareness and concern for others, engagement with the world of ideas as well as the ability to work cooperatively with other people.  Circle in the Water believes in a rigorous, enriched academic and creative learning environment which values people, relationships, collaboration and compassion.