7 Nov 2019

Rice Race Results

The annual Rice Race for Feed Hong Kong ended last Friday and as West Island reached the finishing line it had collected a staggering 3.75 tons of rice.

Students have been arriving each morning, over the last two weeks, with amounts ranging from 1kg to a very generous 40kg.  Well organised parents have coordinated efforts and even had Welcome deliveries arriving at reception.  It has culminated with WIS delivering 3.75 tons of rice to Feed Hong Kong’s depot in Kowloon ready for disruption to families in need.

A big thank you goes out to all who kindly donated – whether it was 1kg or 40kg – it is the combined effort of our public-spirited community that has made the Rice Race, such a success this year.

Come to see us at the Christmas Market in December and find out more about what the WIS Feed Hong Kong team do.