28 Jun 2018

Learning Center Summer Festival

On Friday 22 June 2018, West Island School organised a Learning Center Summer Festival across ESF and the students from South Island School, Sha Tin College, Island School and King George V attended the event. This was an excellent opportunity for our students to build on their social communication, problem solving and team building skills. Some of the activities included, walking across a maze blindfolded, human knot and river crossing. It was great to see how students from West Island School were able to welcome students from other schools with opening arms and introducing themselves to one another showing compassion and kindness.

To finish of the event we had our annual football match against the other schools. With immense effort, great teamwork and coordination, West Island school was able to come 3rd place, Island School coming second and Sha Tin College placed first.

Once again the students and staff were all excited as we had crowds cheering them on and even a mini cheerleading session.

Many of the students commented on the event being “a wonderful day to meet new people and make new friends” and ” I was happy to learn new skills”.

It has truly been a wonderful event and we hope that it can be even bigger next year!

Mrs Wright