28 Jun 2018

2018-2019 Opening Routine

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In preparation for the new academic year, I have included a reminder of the opening routines overleaf.  I would also like to prompt families about the preparations needed before we begin again in August:

  1. Access the school dates on Google Calendar or visit our website and make a note of start and end of terms.
  2. Complete the annual ESF Parent Consent Form for the academic year 2018-19. This will become available via Gateway in the early part of August.
  1. Complete the Student Learning Agreements:
    Pre 16 Student Learning Agreement
    Post 16 Learning Agreement
  1. Complete the Code of Conduct for Internal Assessment (For Year 10-13 students only as part of exam requirements)
  1. Complete the Student Responsible use of ICT policy
  1. Act on the letter you have been sent by the PTA in May. You can use the online shop at wis.edu.hk (existing students) or paper form (new students)
    • Join the PTA Order student stationary packs
    • Buy school uniform Apply for a bus pass

11 August – Collection of PTA online pre-orders (10am – 4pm)
13 August – Collection of PTA online pre-orders (9am – 3pm)

(It is an ESF requirement for all families to become members of the PTA, only one membership per family is needed).

For anything else you need assistance with please find links to the Family Manual, the Parents’ Support Site and the Students’ Support Site  (requires a Wisdom login).

I will write to you again on 3 August and share usernames and passwords with new parents to access our Gateway, WISDOM and ePayment system. If you have any questions prior to this, please contact the school office on
2819 1962 after 5 July.

Wishing you a good summer break.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Sammons


Thursday 9 August
New Year 12 students in school.

Students should meet in the Guidance and Achievement area on the 5th floor.

Students will be introduced to the school’s online systems (please bring laptops if available) and familiarised with the school and its operation.

Friday 10 August NO students in school
Monday 13 August
All Year 7 students in school.

Students should meet in the Auditorium on Level 3 for a welcome assembly from Mr Hewson at 8.15.

Remember to bring Octopus cards for snack and lunch.

All Year 12 and 13 students in school.

Students should register in tutor groups – locations will be posted at reception – followed by a Post-16 assembly from Ms Kitson in the Sports Hall.

Year 12 will follow an induction program including an introduction to Post-16 CAS, IB and ID information, and Q&A time with Year 13.

Year 13 will have Higher Education application guidance throughout the day as well as Q&A time with recent WIS graduates currently at universities around the world.

Remember to bring laptops and Octopus cards for snack and lunch.

New students in Years 8, 9 and 10.

Students should meet in the auditorium at 9.30am for an induction talk from Mr Hewson. They will spend time with their tutors, have a tour of the school and receive information about all school systems.

Remember to bring Octopus cards for snack and lunch.

Tuesday 14 August All students in school.

Students register with their tutors before an extended tutor time and year group assemblies. Normal lessons begin from Period 3.

Wednesday 15 August All students in school; lessons as normal.