30 Nov 2018

ID Rice Race: A grand success!

The Inter Dynasty Food Drive at West Island School has come to a very successful end!

Once again, our student leadership team led by Chi Chun Chan and Amanda Nathan this year, worked in collaboration with our community partner, Feeding Hong Kong (FHK), to initiate ‘The Rice Race 2018’.

This year, students from each Dynasty competed to have a total amount of rice in kilograms donated to the cause. The Dynasty with the highest quantity of rice by the end of the two-week competition period would be declared the winner. This year it was Qing, who were crowned the Rice Race champions 2018!

FHK recently have not been donated sufficient amounts of rice from supermarkets and other suppliers. Compared to other surplus foods, rice is scarce and is important for FHK in its operation to to redistribute to those in need. The decision to change our annual food drive into a rice race was made by our student leadership group, who worked tirelessly to support the FHK charity by contributing to the shortage of rice. This also gave our community a chance to work with one of our Sustainable Development Goals; Zero Hunger.

The table below gives a breakdown for each Dynasty. Congratulations to Qing and a huge thank you to everyone in our community for supporting this drive and producing an impressive 2111.8 kilograms of rice. Great work!