6 Nov 2017

ESF’s Got Musical Talent 2018

On the afternoon of Saturday 27 January 2018, we would like to invite ESF secondary school musicians and/or singers to partake in “ESF’s Got Musical Talent”. This is not a competition, rather an opportunity to perform, using professional equipment, to an audience in a club style environment. Participants can be individuals, small groups or bands. Any style of music is acceptable; it does not have to be Jazz.
• Participants will have the option of performing up to 2 pieces and selection will take place on a first come, first served basis.
• The deadline for applications is Friday 1 December 2017.
• Professional equipment will be set up, so performers will only need to bring their own instruments.

Please see Mr Jolly or Ms Dalgarno if you would like to perform. 
The event will start at 2pm and finish at 6pm and take place at Grappa’s Cellar in Central. The event will also raise funds for JCSRS PTA to support their children with special educational needs as well as to promote awareness of, and to raise funds for SEN within ESF in general.
We have some wonderful, talented young students within the ESF community and feel that this is another fantastic opportunity to show case their talents as well as contribute and raise money for children within our school community with greater needs than their own.
Thank you,