13 Sep 2018

ESF Festival of Music: For Parents of Performers

Dear Parents,

We are delighted that your son/daughter is involved in the ESF Festival of Music 2018. The have signed up to, and are part of one of the following ensembles:

  • ESF Sinfonia String Orchestra/ESF Concertante Strings
  • ESF Non­stop Pop/ESF High Notes/ESF Male Vocal Ensemble (all choirs)
  • ESF Big Band/Concert Band/Wind Ensembles
  • ESF Chinese Orchestra

Each ensemble will rehearse for 2 full days with the 2nd day concluding with a concert. The schedule for rehearsals and performances are as follows, transport to and from the rehearsals and concerts will be provided.

Ensemble: Location for rehearsals and concert: DAY 1 rehearsals: DAY 2 rehearsals: CONCERT:
ESF Sinfonia String Orchestra and ESF Concertante Strings Island School Tai Wai campus *Monday 17 September *Tuesday 18 September Tuesday 18 September, 7:00pm at IS Tai Wai Campus
ESF Chinese Orchestra
ESF Big Band, Concert Band and Wind Ensembles Sha Tin College *Tuesday 18 September *Wednesday 19 September Wednesday 19 September, 7:00pm at STC
ESF Non­stop Pop, ESF High Notes and ESF Male Vocal Ensemble South Island School Tuesday 18 September. Thursday 20 September Thursday 20 September, 7:00pm at SIS

*Please note buses for rehearsals at Sha Tin College and Island School will leave WIS at 8:00am, buses for rehearsals at South Island School will leave at 8:30am, after registration.

Buses on rehearsal Day 1 will return to WIS in time for students to take the 4:30 activity bus home and will also make a stop at the Central ferry piers. On Day 2, the day of the concerts, students will stay at the schools until the evening and buses will return to WIS after the concert at 8:30pm, via the ferry piers. Admission to the concerts is free and parents are welcome to take the return bus from the concerts with us.

Students, what to bring:

  • Food and water and/or a charged Octopus Card to purchase refreshments. On the day of the concerts students will be provided with a light
  • Their musical instrument
  • A music stand with name and school on
  • A black folder with all the music printed out
  • Clothes for Day 1: WIS School uniform
  • Clothes for Day 2: WIS School uniform and concert outfit (students will be given an ESF branded T Shirt to wear but will need to bring their own plain black trousers or skirt, black or grey socks or tights and smart

If you would like any more information please email leigh.dalgarno@wis.edu.hk or benjamin.jolly@wis.edu.hk
Ms Dalgarno & Mr Jolly