12 Sep 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut and Bad Weather Procedure

Dear Students & Parents,,

I am aware that Typhoon Mangkhut HATO is forecast to be affecting Hong Kong in the next few days and closest to Hong Kong on Sunday evening. In the event that weather warnings are activated earlier than anticipated or still in place on Monday morning, please take a moment to remind yourself of our Bad Weather Procedures.


Signal Action to be taken
No.1 Signal All schools will operate as normal
No.3 Signal All primary and secondary schools will operate as normal, unless advised otherwise.
No.8 Signal or above All schools will close.
Lowering to No. 1 or lowering of all signals: All schools will resume with the following session.



Rainstorm Warning System Action to be taken
AMBER School will operate as normal





(i) Before the start of school All schools will close for the whole day. If the warning is raised at the time your child sets off for school (s)he should stay at home.
(ii) After students have set off to school, but before the commencement of school Schools will accept those students who arrive, and retain them until it is safe to allow them to proceed home.
(iii) When classes are in session Schools continue until the end of normal hours and students are retained until conditions are safe for them to return home.

I would also like to remind parents that if a weather warning is activated during the school day or after school activities, we are required to keep all students on our premises. Rest assured we have food, water and entertainment should this be a reality and will release them when safe to do so.

Young people can sometimes take matters into their own hands and try to contact parents and make their own arrangements. I would not recommend that you travel to collect your child or are persuaded to do so, keeping yourself safe and modelling to young people how to conduct themselves at such times.

If you do make that decision despite this advice, children will only be released to their parent. If a person other than yourself presents to school, they will need to show us their ID card and we will need prior consent from you to us. A text message is not sufficient in this situation.

At all times we will provide information through our website and text messaging system.

Mr Sammons