11 Jun 2018

WIS Students Lead IBET Sports Day

West Island School planned and delivered the annual sports day at Kings Park for students of one of our community partners; IBET (Integrated Brilliant Education Trust).

IBET, which was founded by one of our very own parent’s Mr Manoj Dhar, endeavors to make its students proficient in Chinese and provide high-quality, subsidized support in other academic subjects in accordance with the local school curriculum. Their aim is to equip and encourage ethnic minority students to pursue higher studies in local schools and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.

Students of IBET very rarely get to experience PE and sports lessons. This year, WIS offered our Year 10 and 11 students studying the Sports Leadership elective programme to finalise their qualification by planning and delivering a sports day for the young students of IBET. The leaders were also joined by some of our younger years who assisted on the day, and were fantastic throughout.

It was incredible to see so many young leaders step up and take on the huge challenge of delivering sport to 100 young ethnic minority students. They worked so hard leading up to the event, developing their leadership skills and qualities and planning for what is a very challenging task.

It was an incredibly proud moment to see our WIS student leaders running the sports day in such a professional and efficient manner. They managed the time extremely well and kept students extremely engaged and happy throughout.

A big thank you to you to everyone involved in making the Sports Day such a grand success.

Mr Madden