6 Sep 2019

WIS PTA Updates

Dear Parents,

Over the years the WIS PTA have actively fund-raised and have contributed to many school projects, both big, e.g. canteen extension and library upgrade, and small e.g. specialist equipment for various faculties.

The school is currently undergoing two refurbishment projects this year: the upgrading of the swimming pool and the refurbishment of the auditorium.

If you are interested in exploring ways in which you can contribute and would like more information, please email either Melissa or Jen at the PTA on pta@wis.edu.hk, or phone us at 28167222/1.

For and on behalf of the PTA Committee.

PTA UPDATES– The PTA shop is open from 9am- 3pm for parents and during break/lunchtime for students. There is no need to order online anymore. Please make sure your child has extra cash in case they need to borrow a uniform/ or PE kit.

– Term 2 bus checks will be cashed at the end the month

– Bus users – please remember to carry your bus pass at all times as spot checks will take place. If students do not have a current bus pass, they will not be allowed on the bus. This rule will be strictly enforced.

– Bus 7/Discovery Bay students – Please remember to take the 7am ferry from DB to make the  7:30am bus.
– The holiday grotto is now set up in the PTA office – great for stocking stuffers!