8 Nov 2019

WIS Netball Teams Successes


The A Grade Netball team have had a great start to the season this year. After going undefeated in 8 matches, we got into the finals against Kellet last week. Despite being a tough, intense game, we managed to win the overall ISSF Champions for the U20 division, with the score 25-39. We would like to thank Ursula and Ms Luck for the amazing support they have provided us to lead us to our victory. We look forward to continuing the season in the HKSSF league, hoping to come out with another win!

Ellie Holloway


Competing in this years ISSFHK Netball competition, the B Grade Netball team faced many challenges. Especially in our final. Our finals were against Kellet, and we knew that it would be our hardest game yet, and it was. By the first quarter we were teh score was 15-5 to Kellett School. By then, we didn’t know how we would win it. The score gave us a sense of motivation and we were able to adapt the way we played. Ultimately, the final score was 25-30 to West Island School. I’m personally very proud of our B Grade girls team as we managed to come back a better, and stronger team.

Hayley Lai