10 Oct 2018

WIS Inter-Dynasty “Star Search”: A grand finale!

With 104 entrants and 4 weeks of auditions, this year’s Inter-Dynasty Star Search was the biggest yet! This year’s categories included: Vocalists, Solo dance, Ensemble Dance, The Spoken Word, Solo Instrumental, Solo Piano and Bands. Students and teachers were treated to a fantastic display of creative ability, especially from the winners of each category. This was a student led activity run by The Circle in the Water Committee which is chaired by Natasha Tait and Athena Birch.

The standard of performances was incredibly high and there was an unbelievable amount of talent and creativity displayed throughout the auditions process. Following the auditions, were the live finals. Collaborating with the Dynasty team, “Star Search” held performances throughout the Tang and Yuan Day celebrations. The Finals, that showcased various performances and the Award ceremony, took place on Tuesday October 10, and was watched by over 400 students!

Congratulations to HAN for winning the overall prize!!

Category and Overall Winners:


Lower School Vocalist: Elizabeth Stewart (Ming)

Upper School Vocalist: Harry Nicholls (Yuan)

Vocal Duet: Lilla Foddis (Qing) and Arthur Yuan-Pritchard (Qing)

Spoken Word: Armelle Donaldson (Qing)


Middle School Solo Instrumentalist: Aditya Shrisankaraan (Han)

Upper School Solo Instrumentalist: Garris Choi (Qing)

Upper School Solo Piano: Wesley Fung (Ming)


Upper School Band: “Drawbridge” Rebecca Yetman (Han), Gabrielle Brophy (Han), Sofia Cultura (Han) and Eugenia Lung (Ming), Simran Anand (Qing)

Middle School Band: “The Capitals” Fode Yakpo (Han), Sebastien Bennell (Han), Jack Eathorne (Han)


Lower School Solo Dance: Kira Chung (Ming)

Group Dance: Tabitha Miller (Yuan) and Lucy Miller (Han)

Outstanding Individual Performance

Lower School : Starry Mark (Han)

Upper School: Aiden Waters (Yuan)


Overall Winning Dynasty: Han

HAN 32 71 101 1
MING 24 45 70 2
QING 17 44 69 3
YUAN 8 17 32 4
SONG 10 19 24 5
TANG 21 21 21 6

The Circle in the Water committee would like to give special thanks to all the students who auditioned for this year’s Inter – Dynasty Star Search, and to those who helped out. This event wouldn’t have been possible without the endless support of Ms Gossage, Mrs Murchie, Ms Gilbert, Ms Rochester, Ms Cunliffe, Ms Carey and Mr Sammons, who helped with judging the performances, and to Mr Jolly, Ms Dalgarno and Lok who were instrumental in the organisation of the event.

Natasha Tait and Athena Birch

Chairs of the Circle in the Water

Please click here for photos of the Star Search Finals.