27 Feb 2023

Winners of Our Digital Character Design Competition 2023

Our students have voted for the winners of our annual character design competition! And the winners are

  • 1st place (Lower) – Leda, Year 9
  • 1st place (Upper) – Tamina Year 13
  • 2nd place (Lower) – Kaitlyn, Year 9
  • 2nd place (Upper) – Colin, Year 13

Students used their Digital Design skills to create original fantasy characters for the role-playing game ‘Vivid Kingdom’ in response to a design brief. We had 16 finalists who submitted various amazing concepts, including mystical dragons, horned devils, fire-breathing hounds and elves with supernatural powers!

We continue to be amazed by the Digital Design talent at West Island School and look forward to next year’s competition! Congratulations to the winners and to the participants.