13 Sep 2019

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

I wanted to share a new partnership we have in place this year that will begin opening up possibilities for future Post 16 students. Working alongside the Hospitality and Culinary Arts School in Pokfulam, Annika Leong (Year 12) is our first student completing a ‘Certificate in Hotel & Culinary Arts’, equivalent to A’ level standards in the UK. Attending one day each week Annika is completing modules in front of house, food and beverage operations. Later in the course she will complete the Culinary Arts section. As well as this, Annika attends West Island School to complete advanced courses in Business Studies and personal studies. It is a great learning experience that allows students with a specific passion to complete the IB Careers Programme in an area of their own personal interest. We are growing similar links with other specialist providers throughout Hong Kong.

Year 10 enjoyed a talk by Sleep Specialist Kate Bridle this week. It was an engaging hour as students thought about the value of sleep and that we are the only species who actively try to reduce sleep length. Food for thought that 70% of mental health episodes are preceded by sleep reduction. Reducing your sleep by just one hour a night for three consecutive evenings will have the same effect as being drunk in terms of decision making, memory and coordination skills. Sleep, exercise and diet are the three key stabilisers which parents can support in terms of their children’s physical and mental health.

Shout out to Ayesha Vohra (Year 12) who has been a star this week for donating four ink etchings to IBET which raised HKD5000 in a silent auction. Creativity, compassion and social justice to be commended in her actions. Well done Ayesha.

My praise also to the good work of the PTA who treated us to an evening of warmth and cheer to welcome new parents to the school on Thursday evening. Thank you.

Enjoy your sleep this weekend,

Christopher Sammons


Wednesday 18 September – Open Day
Wednesday 18 September – British Council Roadshow at WIS
Friday 27 September – Swim Gala & Sports Festival