11 May 2018

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

It has been a great atmosphere this week visiting the Science area as Year 12 students undertake individual investigations & assessments as part of their IB subjects. The students are growing e-coli (the non-pathogenic variety!), researching the effect of sun lotions on marine life and the impact of antibiotics on vegetation growth. These are just a small taste of the variety which has engaged, motivated and frustrated our learners.

At the same time, we have just finished the second transition experience for our new Year 6 students who are moving to West Island School. They have experienced Creative Arts, Science, Design Technology, Maths and Individuals & Societies as part of their time with us. We are looking forward to them joining us next year.

Whilst Year 13 have more examinations behind them than in front, Year 11 examinations begin in earnest for most. Following the beginning of our rainy season which we encountered this week, I would like to remind students and parents of the bad weather procedures which are slightly different for students taking examinations, please read these carefully and contact us if any doubt.

I received good news from IB this week as we have been accepted as a candidacy school for teaching of the Middle Years Programme. A great achievement for the whole staff who have been thinking carefully about the best pedagogical approaches, adjusting planning and working hard throughout the year. Next Friday we also receive an authorisation visit to offer the IB Careers Programme beginning August 2018.

Thank you to parents who have come to school and talked to us about FARM. Your feedback has been helpful and it has been great to further share our philosophy and aim of helping young people take ownership of their learning.

Best hopes for a sunny weekend.

Christopher Sammons

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