7 Dec 2017

Prince Carl Philip from Sweden at WIS

West Island School had a royal visit this week from Prince Carl Philip from Sweden. The Prince visited West Island to learn more about educational digitalisation and its use at the school.

His morning included musical performances by students, meeting with Digital Leaders, Design & Technology and Individual Needs students who all use technology in their daily learning.

His visit ended with a chat to Swedish students from Kennedy School & West Island School.

The Princes’ visit has been documented in the Swedish media which can be viewed here. The translation reads:

When the bell rang this morning at a school in Hong Kong the students were joined by a new classmate: Prince Carl Philip! He is currently on a business trip to immerse himself in design and innovation and visited West Island School. On site the Prince was shown how the school works with these, and especially how digital teaching and learning aids can be used in lessons. The Prince was according to our correspondent very impressed with what the students told him. The visit caused a great stir at the school. When the Prince arrived applause and cheers broke out as some hundred students had gathered at break time to greet him. Prince Carl Philip himself seemed surprised over the commotion caused and  remarked: “I’ll have to come back!”
Photos from Prince Carl Philip’s visit can be viewed here.