28 Jun 2019

Opening Routine for 2019-2020 School Year

In preparation for the new academic year, I have included a reminder of the opening routines overleaf.  I would also like to prompt ALL WIS families about completing the annual declarations for the academic year 2019-20. These are available on Gateway from 1 August and should be completed before the new academic year begins:

  • Annual ESF Parent Consent Form
  • Pre 16 Student Learning Agreement
  • Post 16 Learning Agreement
  • Code of Conduct for Internal Assessment (For Year 10-13 students only as part of exam requirements)
  • Student Responsible use of ICT policy

Earlier in the year, we surveyed a number of stakeholders and made some changes to technology etiquette in school. Whilst students have been responsive to these requests, we remain concerned about sources of young people’s anxiety, digital distraction, continuous online gaming and social media addiction.

As a result, you will see a change to the ICT policy which we will talk to students about at the beginning of the year for term 1. In short:

Mobile devices should remain in bags out of sight, until 3.20pm (in case of emergency parents can call the school, who can immediately locate your child).

No walking around with headphones in.

Laptops and mobiles may be used under teacher direction in lessons when they assist learning. The only exception to this is for some students in the Learning Centre.
If students wish to use a laptop at break for work, they may go to the library space. Electronic gaming at school is not permitted throughout the school day.

Our ICT team will write to you again in the first week of August and share usernames and passwords with new parents to access Gateway, WISDOM and ePayment system. Our new ePayment system will take effect in August. We encourage all parents to read the new Payment System Information Booklet to familiarise yourself with the system.

If you have any questions prior to this, please contact the school office on 2819 1962 after 1 July.

Wishing you a good summer break.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chris Sammons



From Thursday 1 August

Access the school dates on Google Calendar or visit our website and make a note of start and end of terms.

Please find links to the Family Manual, the Parents’ Support Site and the Students’ Support Site  (requires a Wisdom login).

Use the online shop at pta.wis.edu.hk (existing students) or paper form (new students)

Join the PTA
Order student stationary packs
Buy school uniform
Apply for a bus passMonday 12 August – Collection of PTA online pre-orders (10am – 4pm)
Tuesday 13 August – Collection of PTA online pre-orders (9am – 4pm)
Tuesday 13 August Year 13 Students in school for Higher Education Day

New Year 8-12 students in school:
– Year 8-11: 1pm – 3pm with Mr Hewson
– Year 12: 11am – 12:30am with Ms Ellison

Wednesday 14 August All students in school

Year 7 should meet in the Sports Hall with Mr Hewson and Ms Chaukria at 8.15am

Year 8-11 should meet with their tutors in their tutor rooms

Year 12 and 13 should meet with Ms Ellison in the Arena at 8.15am

Please remember to bring laptops and Octopus cards for snack and lunch

Friday 23 August Year 7 DigiTech Showcase with Parents in MPH (2.45pm – 3pm). You will receive more information about this in the new academic year.
Thursday 5 September Year 7 Camp Information Evening for Parents. You will receive more information about this in the new academic year.
Thursday 12 September New Parents Drinks Reception. For New Year 7 Parents, this includes an opportunity to meet your child’s Tutor.