8 Apr 2020

Message from PTA: Term 2 & 3 Bus Fees

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the PTA, we would like to firstly like to thank you for support and understanding of these unsettling times. We hope the below will help to answer the many questions you may have regarding bus fees for term 2 and 3.

The Education Bureau announced that a 3-week advance notice will be given prior to resuming schools at a Government press conference on 21 March.

In view of the uncertainty, the PTA would like to provide you with two options:

  • Stay enrolled in the bus service OR
  • To withdraw from the service and receive a refund for Term 3 (April/May and June)

Please indicate your option on the Google Form below no later than 6pm (HKT) on 8 April.

Please note: If we do not hear from you by the deadline, we will assume you want to continue to be enrolled in the School Bus service.

If you choose option (1), please note the following:

  • The term 3 cheques will be banked just after 15 April. Please kindly ensure there are sufficient funds are in your account
  • You will be entitled to receive the refund for the month of March ($450) and April ($225) as offered previously but the refunds in cash will take place once school resumes (if school does not resume, we will contact you regarding next steps)
  • Kwoon Chung has informed us that if we return to school on May 11 or later, you will receive a $450 refund for May

If you choose option (2), please note the following:

  • If you paid in instalments, your term 3 cheque will be held back and will not be banked however you are still entitled to a refund for March
  • If you paid for the full year, you will receive a refund check for Term 3, including the March refund
  • You will be charged a $50 administrative fee for withdrawing however we will waive the one-month notice period
  • If school resumes before the end of the academic school year, you may reapply for the bus, but a $50 administrative fee will apply. You will be required to pay for the entire term (April/May/June) regardless of when we go back however any discounts offered by the bus company will also be refunded back to you.  (As though as you did not withdraw). Please note that seats will be subjected to availability and first come first serve basis

Please click here to complete the form

We thank you for your patience and support at this time. On behalf of Kwoon Chung, we would like to thank all those who can continue to support the bus services during this period.

Many thanks and stay healthy,