11 Apr 2019

ISSF Football League – U12 Boys, WIS v IS

On Thursday last week, the U12 boys had their first football match, against Island School.

When the game started I think all of us were confident and we dominated possession for the first 10 minutes. We were playing well, but there was a miscommunication in the back and we let a goal in.

We were annoyed and we wanted to do better so we tried hard and we managed to draw it back to 1-1.

After the goal we were on a roll. We were all confident and we all had the motivation to win. After we got the second goal we couldn’t stop scoring and Caspar managed to bag 3 goals.

We ended up winning 6-1 and we were all happy about that. Thanks to Mr Salce and Mr Lant for coaching us.

Also thanks to Neil for helping us out.

Sonny Richardson (7Q2)