28 Jun 2019

Important Information about 2019 Yearbook

For families who have purchased a yearbook, please note the following.

Thank you for purchasing the Yearbook – WISDOM 2019. Unfortunately due to a number of factors, the yearbook has been delayed and will not be delivered until July.

We understand that students may be leaving Hong Kong and would like to receive the yearbook before then and so, Year 13 and leaving students are able to pick up their yearbooks in July from the Main Office from 8am to 2pm Monday to Friday from July 15 onward. Please call the Main Office (2819 1962) ahead of time to ensure a member of staff will be here as we will have a small team at the school over the summer.

In the event you are not in Hong Kong, you can ask someone to pick up the yearbook on your behalf. Please email us or call the office to let us know of the name of the person that will picking up the yearbook.

We would appreciate it if all other returning students wait until the new school year to receive their yearbooks.

The yearbook is a student led initiative and the team have worked very hard to produce a high quality book; we apologise for any inconveniences this may cause.