21 Jun 2019

ID Bake Off Finals

The Inter Dynasty Bake Off Finals took place on Thursday 20 June in which WIS staged its first ever ID Bake Off LIVE event!
Bakers from across the year qualified for the finals and were tasked to produce and present a baked and decorated cake and a set of baked and decorated cupcakes, all in the theme of Summer!
To add to the prestige of the event Ankrish Gidwani from Baking Maniac was in to help judge all bakers entries.
All bakers did an absolutely fantastic job with Ankrish (a professional baker!) saying how high the quality of the work produced was.
A big congratulations to all bakers at WIS this year and to all the finalists.
May next year be an even bigger and better baking year!
Finalists for the WIS Bake Off Final 2019 were:
Ella Brown
Maddie Brown
Maddie Scott
Rachel Lam
Sera Nissen
Melody Liang
Sophie Chan
Lily Vinodolac
Anya Grady
Avni Patil
Alicia Von Hausswolff Juhlin
Starley So
Emma Van Meerendonk
Josephine Law