10 Jan 2020

Haydn Ching Finishes the Year Karting in Style

Huge congratulations to Haydn Ching (Year 11) who finished the 2019 Karting Season with commendable results.

Haydn represented Hong Kong in the Asia Karting Open Championship and finished the season placing third in the competition. The Championship included five different races in Beijing, Shanghai, Clarke Manila and Macau.

Haydn came second overall in the Hong Kong Kart Club Championship which was a series of 4 races ran in Zhuzhou, Sansui and Zhuhai in China.

Overall, Haydn placed third in Asia and second in HK in the under 16 junior category.

Haydn has worked extremely hard on his skills in 2019 and has many great accomplishments to show for it.

Good luck Haydn and we wish you many successes in 2020.