25 Oct 2018

Aryaa Tanna – Advocating Animal Welfare

Year 7 WIS student, Aryaa Tanna’s passion about animal welfare led her to take up a project at an exhibition last June (‘Festival of Action’ at ESF Peak School), that was based on one of the 17 sustainable Global Goals set by the UN. Aryaa chose “Life on land”, and connected with the SPCA (HK).

She researched online and also met up with Vivian Chiu, Education Manager, Education Dept, SPCA (HK). Since she was too young to help as a volunteer at SPCA, Aryaa decided to help in a different way! She organised pet-toy making clubs at school during lunch times to make different toys for dogs and cats. She collected used towels and clothes that could be used by pets at SPCA. She also raised awareness about pet care and animal welfare at school by giving out surveys and running presentations. She managed to raise a cash donation of around 1600 HKD!

The 11-Year old was invited by SPCA earlier this year to a presentation ceremony to present result of her work to the Education Manager and her team. She also received an opportunity to present in front of Hong Kong University students where she shared highlights of her project. Details of her project can be found here on the SPCA website.

Recently, she was also interviewed by SCMP Young Post, who were interested in sharing her work with their young audience. Please click here for the Young Post article.

Well done Aryaa, and congratulations on a fantastic achievement!!