29 Jun 2017

Circle in the water presents: Colourland

Students from the Applied theatre CAS have been working hard to devise a piece of Theatre in Education called Colourland.
The students,  Phillipe De Manny, Colin Mak, Roos Laurijsen and Haridra Somasundaram have been using theatre as a tool to explore and discover how theatre can be used beyond the form of entertainment and bring about change. Along the journey they looked at Verbatim Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre of the Absurd until finally they reached Theatre in Education.
The students began devising a performance based on a character Alice, the protector of Colourland. She was faced with a problem in which all the colours had been taken. Alice and her two friends go on a journey to find a colours and along the way they find friendship team work, they learn new colours and have fun.
The Applied Thetare students acting as a theatre company took the show to Dramatic English Kind Hing Trinity International Kindergarten & Nursery where they performed in front of the entire school.
After the show the students then led their own workshops looking at different activities teaching different colours through the use of song, dance and art.
It was a phenomenal experience for the students and  they enjoyed every moment.  The Drama and Dance department look forward to holding future Theatre in Education performances with local and international schools.
Ms Chaukria
More photos from Colourland can be viewed here.