28 Jun 2018

Year 7 Individuals & Societies ‘This is HK’ Exhibition

Earlier this week, Year 7 students successfully put on a morning exhibition featuring all things Hong Kong for their Individuals & Societies “This is HK!” Exhibition.

Students have been working hard to create displays based on a topic related to Hong Kong for the past few weeks.

On Monday morning, parents were invited to view the exhibitions and learn more from the student teams.

Well done Year 7!


“What makes Hong Kong so valuable? Our group tried to answer this question by researching and presenting the relevant information in the ‘This is Hong Kong’ exhibition. Although I’ve been living in Hong Kong for quite some time, there were many aspects that I didn’t know before. For instance, did you know that Hong Kong has the highest number of skyscrapers in the world? And more than 200 small islands? I thought this was amazing considering that Hong Kong is only 1,108 km2 big. It felt good to watch people become surprised and interested when I explained these facts during the exhibition. Also, it was a nice opportunity to do a project with classmates I didn’t have a chance to work with before. But most of all, it was great because I was motivated to learn more about where we are living.”

“I really enjoyed my Indsoc ‘This is Hong Kong’ experience. It was interesting to learn things about Hong Kong that I hadn’t learned before. I walked into this unit knowing hardly anything about Hong Kong history and am walking out really pleased with the outcome of the exhibition and all of the new things I have learned.
For me, it was quite an experience because I had never found research, created a poster and made a model in such a short time! This exhibition gave me a lot more freedom to choose what I wanted to do because everybody got to choose their own question. The best part was seeing everyone’s different boards. I saw people handing out food, candy, pamphlets, everything! This really challenged my communication skills but I think it was all worth it in the end.”

“In the past year or so of studying respective subjects of history, geography and philosophy and religious studies, we have progressed tremendously well. At the end of the term, we had our “This is Hong Kong” unit, where we had to choose one in three questions and present it in a way of an exhibition.  In our group, we compromised to choose the question “How could Hong Kong’s identity change in the next 25 years?” Below is the process that I put as a poster: https://www.canva.com/design/DAC7vZJGkbo/mh7dzAKu_ysdFo58BNzeJA/edit . In my opinion, our team did pretty well on this unit and we produced a well-written work that everyone in the audience understood and learnt from. The highlights of our exhibition was definitely my scratch paper artwork of Hong Kong nightscape and skyscraper building painting. Everyone seemed to be captivated and I was very proud of them. I think that all of the works including the paintings and information make a well connected link to building a great exhibition. If I had more time, I think that the organisation of the exhibition could be a bit clearer and neater so that the audience can see how everything links up with the question. Also, I think that we could’ve added an interactive centre so that we can interact with the audience and make the museum more fun and stand out.”

Photos from the exhibition can be viewed here.