13 Jun 2019


Last weekend West Island was represented at the 10th annual Australian International School Model United Nations (AISMUN) conference.
23 students prepared and debated over the weekend on issues ranging from how to solve the crisis in Venezuela to renegotiating the INF treaty. For many students this was their first experience of a MUN conference and the was some superb progress made in their debating skills.
Across the three days West Island students made a very positive impression with some notable individual performances including from Harshul and Aditya in the Security Council and Zachary Downie who picked up an award for his work representing Canada in the Disarmament Council.
For all involved though this was a great experience on their MUN journey, whilst for two Year 13 students, Darren and Miles, it was particularly special as it was their last conference as WIS students.
Well done everyone!