3 Oct 2019

WIS Swim Gala & Sports Festival Roundup

West Island School celebrated The annual Swimming Gala and Sports Festival on Friday 27 September.

Students and staff at WIS collaborated to produce another memorable day, with an action packed lineup, Dynasty celebrations and a number of school records broken.

As well as the Swim Gala, our Year 10-13 students participated in a Inter-Dynasty Sports Festival and experienced some pastoral activities.

The Swim Gala saw some outstanding performances along with a fun packed atmosphere. In total, 9 school records were broken on the day! Well done to everyone involved in this event and congratulations to all competitors!!

Year 7 Boys 50m Breaststroke – Teddy Liu; Han Dynasty – 45:13 Seconds

Year 7 Girls 50m Medley Relay – Ming Dynasty – 3:05:53 Minutes

Year 8 Boys 100m Freestyle – Jaden Engstrom-Vallejo; Tang Dynasty – 1:02:93 Minutes

Year 8 Girls 50m Freestyle – Ashley Grantham; Tang Dynasty – 30:94 Seconds

Year 9 Boys 50m Breaststroke – Marc Lee; Qing Dynasty – 38:56 Seconds

Year 9 50m Butterfly – Jody Lee; Song Dynasty – 28:19 Minutes

Year 9 Boys 100m  Freestyle – Jody Lee; Song Dynasty – 58:43 Seconds

Year 9 Girls 50m Butterfly – Leila Pimlott; Song Dynasty – 31:93 Seconds

Year 9 Girls 50m Backstroke – Leila Pimlott; Song Dynasty – 34:75 Seconds

Overall, Ming were the winners of the Swim Gala this year and Song took first place honours in the Sports Festival for 2019. Results of both events can be found below:









Photos from the Swim Gala and Sports Festival can be viewed here and video can be viewed here.