16 May 2019

WIS Service Learning: Society for the Relief of Disabled Children

The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children (SRDC) was established in 1953, with the mission to provide medical, surgical, rehabilitation and educational services to disabled children in Hong Kong.

Naturally, we support the SRDC with yearly donations and charity drives. We have a small student team who work alongside the SRDC with warehouse and admin support, along with a patient-buddy system, offering support and care for children at the SRDC, work with new patients particularly those who are new to SRDC enabling our students to understand the difficulties to understand the lives of those at SRDC.

Additionally, students at WIS have the opportunity to take on an Internship programme at SRDC for students, working closely with the organisation within a range of duties and can be linked link to potential career paths and skill sets.

Last year, West Island School committed to a huge amount of student support and raised over 100,000 HKD for our closest community partners.