5 Dec 2018

WIS Knitters ‘beany’ busy!

As part of CAS activities, WIS Knitters came together once again to loom knit baby beanie hats sock toys, knitted hats and baby blankets to distribute to families and young children in need.

The activity which started in January this year, was initiated with the help of Cause Corps that organises micro-volunteering events for volunteers to take direct action on causes they care about. But now under CAS at WIS, this group comprising of around 20 students (in each session), support charities like Pathfinders and also distribute to Street Sleeper group with the items produced by them.

In the recently distributed batch, students made 50 newborn beanies, 25 toddler beanies, 8 adult beanies and 6 knitted toys!

Well done everyone and a big thank you to Ms Margaret Lau for leading this noble initiative.