5 Dec 2018

WIS Extra Curricular Swimming Coaching

Due to the increasing popularity of swimming within West Island School, there will be further opportunities
to benefit from swim coaching by qualified coaches starting January 14, 2019. The sessions will
continue for 12 weeks until 12 April 2019.

Four swimming sessions have been scheduled for students after school: Mondays 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 3:20 pm – 4:30 pm. Any student wishing to be part of the WIS Swim Team is expected to attend unless they are receiving alternative regular coaching. There will be flexibility within the structure to cater for other interests and commitments that students may encounter during the term.

For a single session, the fee would be HK$80 per week and the student will be expected to attend the
same session every week. Any student who wishes to attend two or more sessions (up to a max of
4 sessions) a week, can enjoy an excellent value for HKD$130. These additional sessions are to meet
the demand from swimmers who wish to continue developing technique and health/fitness on a regular
basis. Students are also allowed a make-up session if they miss their session.

WIS students please sign up on Gateway to join the session(s) and to confirm they can swim 50 meters
comfortably. Parents will be invoiced accordingly. Siblings of WIS students and their friends who are in P5
or P6 at Kennedy School or other primary schools are welcome to join as well. To register non-WIS
students please complete the  Reply Slip and return it to Ms. Rathi Nandakumar
(rathi.nandakumar@wis.edu.hk) for information and billing purposes.

The swimming sessions have been scheduled such that it will allow students to swim directly after school
and finish in time to make use of the Activities buses that depart from West Island School at 4:40 pm,
destined for South Horizons and Central. There will be no coaching during public holidays, CNY break
and CPD days.

Thank you.

Mr Richard Lant
Head of Faculty (PE and Sport)