7 Jul 2021

West Island School Results – July 2021

West Island School celebrates the success of all students for their great achievements during an exceptional year.

IB Diploma

Students study six subjects at either higher level (HL) or standard level (SL). The programme enables students to develop deep knowledge across a range of disciplines and assesses their ability to acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous, creative and critical manner. Not only highly valued by the world’s leading universities for its rigour and development of research skills, IB students understand the importance of service and action. Congratulations to Sienna Bertamini, Karin Fong, Ji Yeon Kim, Winston Lam, Karen Leung, Sahiti Peesapaty and Mavis Tai who achieved a maximum score of 45 points. This is an outstanding achievement that puts each of them in the top 0.5% of IB candidates worldwide.

  • 7 students achieved the maximum score of 45 points
  • 7 students achieved the IB Bi-Lingual Diploma this year
  • 6 is the average point score (31 worldwide average*)
  • 100% of students passed their IB Diploma (Worldwide average (85% worldwide average*)
  • 87% of students were awarded 35 points or more (40% worldwide average*)
  • 60% of students achieved 40 points or more (13% worldwide average*)
  • The average grade per subject is 6.1 (5.1 worldwide average*)
    (*IBO Worldwide data for May 2021 is not yet available so May 2020 data has been provided. The Worldwide data has stayed consistent over the last few years).

As well as studying individual subject areas, students write an extended essay exploring an area of personal interest: 73% of candidates achieved an A or B grade for their essay. (35% Worldwide*) Students also follow a course to explore ‘Theory of Knowledge’: 85% were awarded an A or B in their final assessment. (33% Worldwide*)

It is exceptional that seven students were awarded the Bilingual Diploma and were assessed for the language component in their first language. Congratulations to  Kirsten Ho,  Cyrus King, Ho Yin Lam, Jason Liau, Milla Merazzi, Ami Nakahashi and Christina Zhao.

IB Careers Programme

Year 13 students can study a combination of Level 3 BTEC qualifications (equivalent to UK A level) and combine these with IB Diploma Courses. This is called the International Baccalaureate Careers Programme (IBCP).  Those interested in following the IBCP can tailor their programmes to pursue individual passions and interests choosing pathways that include BTEC courses in Engineering, Art & Design, Business Studies, Performing Arts and Sports & Exercise Science. The qualification is valued highly by a wide range of competitive universities and valued for developing high levels of independence with analytical and evaluation skills applied to the subject area. 16 students have been awarded the IBCP this year.


Year 13 students can study a combination of BTEC diploma and Subsidiary diploma qualifications (equivalent to 3 UK  A levels) and have the option to add in extra IB courses.

  • 38 students took a range of BTEC qualifications
  • 100% pass rate
  • 72 % of grades attained were Distinction or above
  • 90% of grades attained were Merit or above

We also encourage students to complete an AS Extended Project Qualification. 7 students took the EPQ in this cohort, of which 3 gained A*, 2 As, 1 B, and 1 C.

BTEC grades are not formally confirmed by the exam board until 10 August 2021

WIS Engineering Pathway

Year 13 students can opt to study the BTEC National Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering which is equivalent to 3 A levels. Students usually add Higher or Standard levels in IB Maths and IB Physics to their programme to make a 4 or 5 A level equivalent course. This year 6 students made up our first ever graduating class and gained some outstanding results:

  • 50% of students awarded a Triple Distinction *
  • 50% of students awarded a Double Distinction* plus Distinction