1 Feb 2019

Talk2Me: An interactive Mental Health Forum for HK Parents

Are you informed and proactive in supporting your child’s mental well-being?

Do you want to know what questions young people are asking about mental health and wellness?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Let’s peel off the stigma and talk about it.

A  group of West Island students from Years 10 & 11 have been working closely with the KELY Group (supported by the Weez project), as part of the Talk2Me programme. In the process, they have gathered hundreds of questions and concerns from young people  on physical and mental health.

Join us for an interactive parent forum to hear these burning  questions WIS students are asking and listen to the experts answer them. We will have a panel of esteemed mental health experts who will provide clear, informative and helpful responses to these questions. This forum is open to all parents/guardians who would like to understand and advocate for their child’s mental health care and open up to the issues facing young people today.

Date: Wednesday 13 February

Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm  

Location: 3/F Auditorium, West Island School

For registering please click here.

Our panel of experts will include:

John Shanahan – Educational and Developmental Psychologist – Central Health and Southside Family Medical Practice

Dr Amanda Oswalt Visher – Clinical Psychologist – SPOT Children’s interdisciplinary Therapy Centre

Scarlett Mattoli – Clinical Psychologist Doctoral Intern & Psychotherapist – Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

Bhavna Bharvani – Clinical Counsellor – Central Minds

Kimberley Carder – Clinical Psychologist – MINDNLIFE private psychology practice

*All proceeds will go to Coolminds, which is Mind HK’s youth mental health initiative in partnership with the KELY Support Group.