14 May 2019

Service Learning at WIS – Integrated Brilliant Education Trust (IBET)

IBET is committed to educating and empowering students from underprivileged ethnic minority groups, by providing high-quality educational support to assist them in their ongoing education. Students of IBET very rarely get to experience PE and sports lessons. West Island school, linked to our Sports Leadership elective programme plan and deliver an annual sports day for the young students of IBET.

Additionally, West Island School run a tutoring support group, visiting one of IBET’s campuses and working alongside the students of IBET to support the endeavors to make its students proficient in Chinese and provide high-quality, subsidized support in other academic subjects in accordance with the local school curriculum. Their aim is to equip and encourage ethnic minority students to pursue higher studies in local schools and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. We hope to further develop our community partner link with IBET in the coming years.

Last year, West Island School committed to a huge amount of student support and raised over 100,000 HKD for our closest community partners.