25 Jan 2021

Principal’s Message

Upcoming WIS Parent Webinar
Middle Years Programme Science (Year 7 to 9) on Thursday 28 January at 6pm
During this webinar, Jon Gilchrist, Head of the science faculty will explain how science is taught through the MYP framework. He will also share some essential science skills students learn to help them progress to iGCSE.
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Dear Students, Parents, Staff and Friends of WIS,

There was a lot to take in this week at the moment when power passed between American Presidents. What came up for me, unexpectedly, was the moment of silence for the people who have died as a result of Covid. Of all the words that have been said this past year as we watch nations blame and shame themselves and each other, I found it odd to be finding humanity in that moment of silence. Let’s hope what we have all been through can help global citizens think about others more, not just from their own vantage point, but genuinely, to understand others from theirs.

As we sit and know we will be ok because the vaccine is coming and we will even have a  choice to meet the diverse views of our mixed population, I think we should probably talk to our children about service. I am interested to hear from students about how we can contribute for the people in Hong Kong not entitled to free health care and the less developed nations who can’t afford to buy vaccines. Ms Miller is already onto this and we hope you will join us in demonstrating our most treasured West Island value: community.

The emotional roller coaster kept coming as I noticed on Thursday in the bulletin that Friday fitness was starting again. Even on Zoom, to see a longstanding feature of our school that we love felt like connecting with an old friend. I then arrived at school this morning and realised I had forgotten my PE kit – happens to us all at some point in life. I managed to log on and see 22 eager students bobbing up and down doing squat thrusts, push ups, running on the spot and getting in some high energy music even at 7.15. Wonderful – thank you Mr Madden and Mr Harding for being the stars you both are. It was a pleasure to show up on my chair and I was ashamed to stay too long without my kit but I will be there next week with you. I would love to see more students joining in with us too for starting the day. The best 80s colour legging wins a special prize from me. See you there – Friday fitness zoom link here: Zoom Link Friday Fitness

Keep going Year 11 – almost over and doing well.

Enjoy the warmth of the weekend,
Mr Chris Sammons

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CAS Mathematical Mindfulness session

The first Mathematical Mindfulness Session took place recently. Students sketched fractals following mathematical algorithms and the results are zen.


Evening of Dance
The annual West Island School virtual evening of dance is approaching! Mark your calendar for 11 March 2021 to tune into the live stream event.  This year’s theme is:

  “No one is an island, entire of itself; everyone is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

(John Donne, No man is an island – A selection from the prose)

Sienna, Noélia, Christie, Karin and Sula





HKU Taster for Secondary School Students

A virtual Two-day programme offering junior secondary school students a splendid array of faculty-based activities. Grasp this opportunity to experience the dynamic vibrancy of HKU and stimulate all your sensations!

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 Parent Support Workshop by FOCUS

January is the month for new starts.  One of our New Year initiatives is to create an intimate and personal support experience in the virtual format that is our current reality.

Join us for a parent support workshop where your challenges are the agenda.  Participants will be asked in advance to identify one or two specific challenges they would like to work on over the next month.  Those challenges will then be the topics for small group discussions.

At the end of the session, participants will have time to reflect on what they learned and choose a couple of approaches they want to try at home.  We’ll return again the next month to check-in, share our wins, explore what didn’t work, and collectively problem solve.

Our goal is to create a safe, supportive environment where you can bring your challenge and take home two (or more) solutions.

You may have “Zoom fatigue” (we do), but we know now, more than ever, that our community needs the connection and support that comes from sharing our experiences and learning from each other.

Date:     Jan 19, 2021 (Tuesday)

Time:     6:30 – 8:00 pm

Venue:   Virtual workshop via Zoom (a free app for live presentation and Q&A)

Cost:     Member (free); Non-member (HK$200)

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25-29 January

UniFest Hong Kong 2.0

Speak to International Officers and academics from 20 UK universities across one week of webinars and interactive sessions.
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28 January 8pm

Medical Schools Applicant Webinar: Medical School Interviews

This webinar has been set up to help applicants to medical school in Years 12 and 13 find out more about the interview process for medicine. Led by Admissions and Widening Participation Leads from across UK medical schools, the session will provide the opportunity for applicants to hear from admissions experts and to ask questions about medical school interviews.

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29 January 9pm

Stony Brook University

Finding the Best College Fit in the Time of COVID

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30 January

Kyushu University x Ritsumeikan APU: Study in Japan Webinar

The two universities will be introducing their English medium bachelor programs (in the areas of science and technology, business, and social sciences). Current students from Hong Kong will also be sharing about their life in Japan and answering questions during the Q&A.

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30 & 31 January, 6 & 7 February

IFTM (Institute for Tourism Studies Macao)Online Winter Camp 2021

– experience the study life at IFTM and have fun in classes

– explore the culture and interesting spots in Macau

– know more about Tourism and Hospitality Industry

– interact and exchange with the faculty and students

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10 February 20:00 – 3:00

Meet the Russell Group Virtual HE Fair

The Meet the Russell Group Virtual HE Fair is an opportunity for students and their supporters to learn more about all the 24 Russell Group universities. There will be opportunities to chat live to university ambassadors, download prospectuses and take part in a range of live webinars.

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