16 Oct 2020

Principal’s Message

Dear Students, Parents, Staff and Friends of WIS,

The brain is a complex network of cells which refines, assimilates and rejects information. That’s called thinking. In itself then, thinking is not truth or logical at times, merely the result of a human organ processing information received through our senses. Everything about us is emotional however well controlled we might make seem.

Given we have all been under an unexpected stressor since February, it is no wonder that some of us might be stuck with emotional overload at half term. Essentially, our tired brains have been working hard to make sense of the threat from Covid, pushing things down inside leaving us with a sense of overload and burnout.

We have some lessons to learn from those who never seem to burnout regardless of their adversity. They usually have the simple ability to process emotions. Emotions have a beginning, middle and end whether its sadness, loss, resentment, shame, guilt – or most likely fear. Social convention means that we normally suppress how this shows up in our body because we want to manage ourselves well to others. That’s where the blockage begins.

Check how you, your partners and your children are managing the emotional load this past term. If you have been suppressing things for social convention, trying to avoid things, feeling disconnected or trying to be brave, then it may be time to think about letting a few things go. Physical sensing through crying, shouting, sports and exercise, acting, painting, listening to mood music or simply slow and deliberate breathing can help you do this.

And then block off any distractions, set aside your own worries and check in with your children. They are all great young people and we feel proud of all they have achieved this term. If you want some demonstrable proof, please go through the shout outs in the attachment of this newsletter or view the videos of our Inter Dynasty Star Search semi-finalists. They were superb!

Looking forward to next term we are excited to support WIS parents through access to Elevate Education. We have been working with this company for three years now and their latest offering is a series of webinars to help you understand ways of supporting study skills at home. Register here for the following topics:

    • Memory (22 October): How to assist your child in memorising vast amounts of information in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods
    • Technology (3 November): Understanding the impact of technology on your child’s habits and how to develop techniques for responsible device use.
    • Stress & Wellbeing (17 November): Understanding your child’s stress triggers, symptoms, and a toolkit for stabilising during tough periods.

For new Year 7 parents, we are starting a series of weekly seminars being held by our Head of Faculties to help understand the MYP curriculum. Parents new to the school may wish to attend and existing parents too. James Playford our Head of Design Technology is first on 29 Oct from 6.00pm – 6.40pm. Please register here

Keep going everyone; and take some self-care as a family in the space that half term brings.


Mr Chris Sammons