30 Oct 2020

Principal’s Message

WIS Parent Webinar: Read to Succeed from MYP to DP
Presented by Fiona Mulholland, Head of English Department

Date: Thursday 5 November
Time: 6pm
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An overview of literacy skills in each curriculum area, with suggestions on how to encourage and extend your child’s reading. Particularly relevant to all parents of Year 7 and new parents to the school

Message from Mr Sammons

Dear Parents,

Welcome back from half term. I hope your children and family enjoyed the benefits from standing still for a moment and relaxing.

This 2019-20 year book was unavoidably delayed but I am really pleased to say now is ready for publication. In response to community feedback we have been able to take the extra time to move things on. Parents and students will receive a flipbook link in the next few days. This digital format means that everybody can have a copy for no charge. As well as being more accessible to the whole community, it will significantly reduce environmental impact. Whilst I know that some people would prefer a hard copy, you will understand our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals and our children’s wishes are important in this decision. We really hope you like it, enjoy some brilliant moments in our school history and share some joy with your wider family if they need some cheer too. If you do want to have a hard copy, there are some great online websites which will print and bind the publication as a book for you: www.e-print.com.hk and www.hk-printing.com.hk .

Whilst the influence of Typhoon Goni may be no more than just rain, I can see that the observatory is tracking weather over the Western Pacific and issuing mild warnings about early-mid next week. ESF central leadership team are currently looking at how technology may change our foundation’s inclement weather policy when EDB suspends classes due to bad weather. What was confusing for us all, is that during the first T8 Day in August when all classes were online, carrying on in that way seemed natural. In the last T8 early October when we were on site for part of the day, ESFs current weather policy kicked in for the whole foundation.

Until further notice please follow this instruction. Should EDB announce school classes onsite are suspended for the day due to bad weather, West Island School will use Zoom learning instead and follow the timings of the day in operation at that time. Teachers and students all know how to log into their lessons through their WISDOM account. What is really important, is that personal safety is paramount. Should there be a physical or psychological threat to you and your child’s safety in your home environment, attend to that first and it will be fully understood by us all here. Children will not have consequences or be disadvantaged as a result of not being able to log on during a bad weather day through no fault of their own. Parents will also appreciate that I am saying the same message to our teachers who will have their own families at home during such a day. Should there be a threat to their immediate safety at home as a result of bad weather, this will be the first priority to resolve above all else.

Have an enjoyable weekend,

Mr Chris Sammons

Upcoming dates for the term

As well as updating guidance for working during bad weather days, we are having to reinvent our Options Evening events. There will be more information coming to parents of each year group individually about how we are approaching these things (largely by using Zoom webinars), however, you may like to have this summary about upcoming dates for the rest of this term. Please note the date for our rescheduled Year 13 parents evening.

Term 3 – Oct – Christmas

Message from Mrs Haworth for Year 9 – 12 Parents

Last term we were delighted to connect with you, albeit online, through the questions and feedback you provided during our series of webinars which centered around your child’s well-being, core skills and use of social media and online platforms.

I invite those of you interested to connect with us once again as we review our Years 9-12 drugs education programme. In order to develop a relevant programme we are keen to get parental feedback on what resources, advice and support you would be interested to see included in parent and student workshops surrounding substance misuse.

If you would like to join me and some of our Well-Being team for a discussion on what makes an effective drugs programme please email Ms Natasha Lee (natasha.lee@wis.edu.hk) to indicate your interest.

I will then be in touch with some suggested dates and times.

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