29 Nov 2019

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

Congratulations to West Island Senior Debating team who participated in the annual Inter-ESF Competition on Tuesday. We were awarded the overall first prize after winning all three rounds and a special mention to Xiaxi Cai who placed first and Adyant Dagur who placed second.

Individual shout out to Ira Ratnaparkhi who won the Year 8 Spirited Arts 2019 Competition. Exploring concepts of evolution and creationism Ira produced a beautiful picture of the Big Bang and Lord Ganesh which will be published to teachers of RE and Philosophy. It was a really inspiring image, well done Ira.

A joyous moment for us to also recognise Sam Scroggie who achieved the highest mark in Hong Kong for iGCSE Global Perspectives and Freya Boerner who achieved the highest mark in Hong Kong for iGCSE Drama.

The weeks move by swiftly and we are reorganising our arrangements for Christmas celebrations. The last few days will see a number of concerts and open mics at lunchtime and it’s time to buy in this year’s Christmas jumper for final school assembly. Can’t wait.

Christmas is a nice moment to celebrate people. Each year we run a free raffle for our Support Staff to say thank you. There are sixty support staff in the school; the hidden workforce without whom none of us could operate. No need to do anything out of the ordinary, but if you have one too many boxes of Christmas Chocolates that need a home, feel welcome to pass them to us before the last day of term and we’ll make sure our Support team feel your gratitude in their Christmas Raffle.

Wishing you sun and fun for the weekend. Stay positive and enjoy your rest.

Christopher Sammons