22 Nov 2019

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

It was great to have students back in school on Wednesday. The relief you felt at home was equalled by the relief of teaching teams. Young people seem utterly relieved to be back with their friends; glad we have business almost back to usual.

I explained to young people in my assembly on Wednesday morning that I felt really pleased that so many were having great experiences out of Hong Kong and that I also felt really sad that so many lost opportunities due to school closures. We have asked young people to show empathy for each other as they appreciate the different experiences of Horizons Week despite everybody’s best efforts.

Looking ahead, it is only three weeks until Christmas break which will arrive before we know. To minimise further disruption, we are planning a week of festive fun during the last week of term to replace the usual Christmas Fair and Market. We also look forward to opening the new auditorium in January and creating a great opening event for us all to celebrate the future of West Island and a collective cheer for Hong Kong too.

There are many great things that lie ahead for us all, we just have to believe it. I know I do.

Thank you for your letters of appreciation and support.

Christopher Sammons