4 Oct 2019

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

Last Friday was a superb gathering of the West Island 2019 Swim and Sports Gala. Staff and students really enjoyed taking part and the Dynasty winner was Ming.

At the same time, ESF was also hosting its first Inter School Rugby 7s Tournament. Building on their incredible success last season, C Grade brought another winner’s trophy back and were joined by B grade who also won their division. Testament to their team work, their practice and their coaches. Incredibly heartening to see these boy’s efforts being rewarded under Mr Madden’s leadership.

Wednesday was an equally lively start with our ID Maths Competition. Dynasties came together to sprint with their feet and minds, coordinating quick thinking in an inspiring game format put together by Mr Bengey and Mr Harding. Congratulations to Yuan as the overall Dynasty winner.

At the start of this term, we asked students to put their phones away during the school day. Thank you to students (and parents) for respecting this and although a few creep in here and there, faculty are heartened by the digital distancing that has happened. At times it is hard to change habits and we have always been aware that some young people may find it more challenging to distance themselves from their technology. Some adults too. For the very few students who are struggling to self-manage, we will now work with them to hand their phone into reception each morning. For parents, really do try to be without your phone for at least twenty four hours next week during half term. Notice the relief and the frustration this brings, the distraction that you are constantly subjected to and the control that may have become unconsciously embedded in your own habits.

Finally, we also shared with students that whatever the wider ebb and flow in the world today, our collective aim here is to make sure young people enjoy the one chance they have to receive their education. My sincere thanks to the support staff, teaching staff, parents and students who have remained focused on that. It has been a bright, purposeful and enjoyable start to the academic year. We look forward to making the next half term as good.

Appreciating West Island community and all that is has done for our young people. Enjoy your rest.

Mr Christopher Sammons