23 Aug 2019

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends of WIS,

Jade Bruins and Chi Chun Chan have been awarded the SCMP Student of the Year Award for community contribution. Superb recognition for all their hard work over the last few years. In particular Jade has been recognised for her collaboration with the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and leading a highly successful campaign in school to affect change. Working together, the charity secured a commitment from Maxims to abandon Shark Fin meat from their menus after 2020. Chi Chun is recognised for his overall leadership of CAS and his achievement in working to collect extraordinary amounts of food to supply the Feeding Hong Kong charity. Deserved recognition.

Kimberly Yuen also received praise as part of the Hong Kong Ambassador Scheme. After completing the training programme, Young Ambassadors are engaged in a wide range of voluntary service opportunities throughout the year to help promote Hong Kong to visitors.

Very proud of them all.

Our first whole school assembly this week focused on the small acts of change which we can all take responsibility for. We talked about the hope we feel as a community from these changes and how they relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are increasingly using the goals to frame our curriculum and service commitments. They are simple, easy to engage with and speak to everyone’s passions. Changing habits slowly changes culture, but it’s easier than it sounds. Disposable cutlery out, composter switched on, chemical usage reduced, carbon offsetting in place for Horizons Week – we’re trying harder. The Eco WIS group are to be commended.

After a successful trial of ‘Limitless’ last year, ESF are beginning to shape the opportunity for Year 9 in 2020. The visit dates this year are 8 May 2020 to 19 June 2020 and an assembly for students is planned for Thursday 29 August, however, you may want to take a sneak preview here.

Thankfully, we have not yet been affected by disruption and we would ask parents of children who use the MTR to consider a contingency plan should the need arise. Our emphasis is on student safety at all times, so if there is any doubt, please do not undertake the journey and simply call to let us know. As we do every year, the school will practice our ‘lockdown’ procedures which involves securing the building should there be a potential local threat. We would not normally give notice of the practice, however, we will announce to students this will take place on Friday 30 August during Period 2.

Happy weekend.

Christopher Sammons