Pre 16

The Middle Years Diploma is a unique diploma created by West Island School which embraces the philosophy of inquiry alongside the rigour of external qualifications in Year 11. The Middle Years Diploma seeks to provide for students personalised and flexible approaches to learning in and beyond the classroom and is designed to inspire and challenge all students.

MYD FRAMEWORKStudents are taught in mainly mixed ability groups with some broad setting in a few specialisms. In Years 7 and 8 students are introduced to a range of subjects giving them the opportunity to experience all the domains of learning across the disciplines. In Year 9 students streamline some of these subject specialisms in a mini options process leading to a deepening of experience within one or two of the Creative Arts, Individuals and Societies, Technology and Languages.

During Years 10 and 11 students opt for IGCSE subjects within these domains with Sciences (single, double or triple), English Literature and Language, a foreign or heritage language choice, an Individuals and Societies choice and Mathematics being compulsory. Students typically emerge with between 8 and 11 qualifications readying them for the Post 16 years.

All students experience core PE, Critical thinking and a unique curriculum in Learning for Life lessons which focus on developing inquiry in a personal project as well as life skills and study skills to enable students to understand ethical and personal issues as well as to learn how to learn.

To pass the Middle Years Diploma students must have passed the personal project, a range of externally accredited courses and completed our expectations within the Pre 16 CAS programme. The diploma is awarded at pass, merit and distinction.